Welcome to STaTBUOY, the Salinity, Temperature and Tidal BUOY project.

STaTBUOY is a drifting buoy. It is designed to drift with the tidal currents and report various metrics at pre set intervals via a radio link. The metrics are then logged and analysed to help us better understand our rivers, seas and oceans.

STaTBUOY is a colabrative project and everyone is invited to take part. Please email us at info at if you would like to join in.


  • STaTBUOY 1 - Completed 01/04/2012
  • STaTBUOY 2 - Current version undergoing build
  • STaTBUOY 3 - Future version for satellite data modem testing (not yet started)
  • STaTBUOY 4 - Future version for fully autonomous drifting buoy (not yet started)